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Mitrani Quoted in Mother Jones

David Mitrani was quoted today in a story in Mother Jones about the far-reaching impact of McCutcheon v. FEC. He told the magazine that although the case dealt only with federal aggregate contributions, it will ultimately apply at the state and local level as well.

“The McCutcheon opinion is right from the Supreme Court and what the Supreme Court said is state aggregate limits on top of the federal limit are unconstitutional today, unconstitutional yesterday, unconstitutional 20 years ago,” said Mr. Mitrani. And in the case of states with low aggregate contribution limits, Mr. Mitrani added that “There are going to be pretty big changes in how money flows into those states.”

The article further detailed the aggregate limits that exist in the twelve states (plus the District of Columbia) who have such limits.

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Neil Reiff Quoted in Mother Jones

Neil Reiff was quoted in a Mother Jones article discussing the latest developments in campaign finance and election law cases. The article explains that after waves of cases that led to the rise of SuperPACs and deregulated campaign finance laws, including Citizens United v. FEC, a new wave of decisions has begun to limit and even roll back their impact. It’s here that Mr. Reiff tells Mother Jones: “The free speech crew’s winning streak has hit a bump in the road.”

You can read the entire article here.