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As of September 1st, Sandler Reiff is now located at 1090 Vermont Ave, Suite 750.

  1. Josh Rosenstein Quoted on FARA and Mueller’s Investigation into Sputnik News Agency

    Josh Rosenstein was quoted in a Washington Examiner article on whether the Sputnik news outlet is illegally spreading propaganda without disclosure under the Foreign Agents Registration Act. On the issue, Rosenstein shared: Attorney Joshua Rosenstein, an expert on FARA, said …

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  2. David Mitrani Discusses Facebook Ads Purchased by Russian Company in Wall Street Journal

    David Mitrani was quoted in a Wall Street Journal article discussing the legality of the Facebook ads purchased by a Russian company during the 2016 election. On the topic, he explains: Political activity by foreign nations or foreign government to …

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  3. Josh Rosenstein Discusses FARA and Manafort in Talking Points

    In a Talking Points article, “The Vise is Tightening on Paul Manafort, The Mueller Probe’s Linchpin,” Rosenstein discusses the possibility of a prosecution of Paul Manafort under the Foreign Agents Registration Act. Josh Rosenstein, an attorney at Sandler Reiff Lamb …

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  4. Sandler Reiff Successfully Challenges the FAA on behalf of FlyersRights.org

    Sandler Reiff successfully challenged the Federal Aviation Administration’s (“FAA”) denial of a rulemaking petition on behalf of FlyersRights.org.  FlyersRights.org petitioned the FAA to promulgate rules governing plane seat size and pitch limitations to ensure that passengers can safely and quickly …

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