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  1. Josh Rosenstein Comments on German Ambassador Richard Grenell

    Partner Josh Rosenstein share thoughts on German Ambassador Richard Grenell with the Washington Post. “If you have a domestic organization, particularly a domestic nonprofit, which receives funding from a foreign government, it is certainly possible that you would have a …

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  2. Joshua Rosenstein, Partner, Comments on the Legality of Washington State Senator Lobbying for Cambodia

    Joshua Rosenstein, partner, comments of the legality of Washington State Senator lobbying for Cambodia with The Diplomat. “The legislator can’t take on a job that is impacted by his or her official duties in Washington [state]. It has to be …

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  3. Senior Associate David Mitrani Speaks on Campaign Finance Enforcement in 2020

    Senior Associate David Mitanri shared his thoughts on what campaign finance enforcement might look like in 2020 with Campaigns and Elections. “The takeaway that I’ll always give to clients is that even before the FEC lost a quorum, the Department …

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  4. Josh Rosenstein discusses the Legal Troubles of Rudy Giuliani

    Partner Josh Rosenstein shares his thoughts on the legal troubles of Rudy Giuliani with local NYC news. The rest of the article can here found here.

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