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  1. Joshua Rosenstein Quoted on Corporate Political Spending in ALM

    An increasing number of public companies in the past several years have voluntarily opted to disclose corporate donations above and beyond what is required by the law. Josh Rosenstein comments on the implications reporting these contributions may have for companies. …

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  2. Rosenstein Comments on Rising Concern over FARA in Washington Post

    Federal prosecutors have stepped up their investigation of prominent Washington attorney Gregory Craig for work he conducted at his former law firm on behalf of the Ukrainian government in 2012, an effort coordinated by Paul Manafort. The investigation of Craig …

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  3. Joe Birkenstock Quoted on Supreme Court’s Decision Striking Down FEC Regulation

    On Tuesday, the Supreme Court upheld a rule by a federal judge last month that struck down the Federal Election Commission regulation that said independent political groups only had to name donors when their gifts were linked to specific sets …

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  4. Partner Josh Rosenstein Comments on Increase in FARA Registrations

    According to a Justice Department spokesman, there were 50 percent more FARA filings in 2017 than in 2016. And if anything, the pace has quickened since then. Many professionals believe that the boom in FARA related work can be explained …

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