Firm Profile

Sandler Reiff Lamb Rosenstein & Birkenstock, P.C. is a Washington, D.C. law firm focused on advising clients involved in the business of politics, including political committees, party committees, non-profit organizations, advocacy groups, candidates and officeholders, communications, consulting, and government relations firms, labor unions and trade associations, vendors to political organizations and non-profits, as well as major contributors to political and non-profit groups.  Our clients come from all parts of the political world, from all around the country.

In ranking our firm as one of the top firms in the United States for political law, Chambers & Partners quoted one of our clients as saying that we “get down in the trenches” with our clients.

That approach is no accident. We come from the same world as our clients: the world of political campaigns, non-profits, and advocacy organizations, where the need is for lawyers who can figure out real-world solutions, do it fast and get it right, while saving the client’s resources for purposes more important than paying legal fees.  We make it our priority to be responsive, hands-on, and efficient.

Having guided clients successfully through front-page controversies, we understand first-hand the political and communications dimensions of the legal problems and issues of our clients.   Our work and our advice are informed by more than 100 years of combined experience in the arena on the Democratic and progressive side.

We bring that “down in the trenches” approach to every client’s challenge – whether it is assisting a PAC or party committee in navigating through the intricacies of campaign finance law, helping launch a campaign for Governor or U.S. Senate (or for city council or for President), setting up a lobbying compliance program for a Fortune 500 company, starting a new non-profit organization, advising vendors to political organizations on coordination and firewall issues, or negotiating complex agreements on behalf of our clients. We believe that educating our clients on what these laws mean in practice and how they intersect with one another, so that clients can choose the approaches that best serve their needs, is paramount.


Our attorneys are consistently rated among Washington, D.C.’s top political lawyers. They are seasoned veterans, and are often consulted for their expertise by reporters, by the Federal Election Commission, and by state and local agencies.

Joseph Sandler is a member of the firm, concentrating in setup and advising of nonprofit organizations, vendors and businesses in the political and advocacy sector, and related tax, corporate, commercial and litigation matters.

Neil Reiff is a member of the firm, concentrating in campaign finance and election law matters.

James Lamb is a member of the firm, concentrating in state and federal campaign finance and government ethics matters.

Joshua Ian Rosenstein is a member of the firm, concentrating on the issues affecting the advocacy industry, including federal, state and local lobbyist and foreign agent regulation.  He also provides advice and counseling on employment law and contract law matters.

Joseph M. Birkenstock is a member of the firm, practicing in all areas of political law.

Dave Mitrani is a member of the firm, advising candidates, political action committees, nonprofits, state parties, labor unions, and corporations on federal, state, and local campaign finance, lobbying, and advocacy laws.

Erin Tibe is a member of the firm, advising clients on compliance with lobbying disclosure requirements, and campaign finance laws.

John Hardin Young, of counsel to the firm, is a trial lawyer whose principal areas of practice are administrative, business, technology, and election law, including regulatory policy, corporate litigation, and dispute resolution.

Jeffrey M. Wice, of counsel, assists state legislative leaders, Members of Congress, and other state and local government officials on redistricting and voting rights matters across the nation.

Christina Bustos is a senior associate at the firm, primarily focused on state and local lobbying and advocacy laws.

Aaron Barden is an associate at the firm, assisting clients with federal, state, and local campaign finance and lobbying laws.

Eric Lynch is an associate with the firm, assisting clients with campaign finance and lobbying compliance, voting rights law, and campaign activity.

Lucy Xiong is an associate at the firm, advising clients on a wide array of political law including compliance with lobbying and campaign finance laws at the state and federal level.

Correspondent Firm

In October 2004, Sandler Reiff Lamb Rosenstein & Birkenstock and Baltimore’s Shapiro Sher Guinot & Sandler became correspondent law firms, initiating a strategic affiliation. The move has significantly expanded the resources of the firm, allowing it to take on larger cases in a variety of areas.

Based in Baltimore, Maryland, with an office in Washington, D.C., Shapiro Sher Guinot & Sandler is a full service firm nationally known for its practice in all aspects of business law, litigation, bankruptcy, creditors’ rights, and international trade. Founded in 1972 by Ronald M. Shapiro, the firm features robust litigation, bankruptcy, and business practices that work closely with Fortune 500 corporations, emerging growth businesses, non-profit entities, and individuals. In particular, the firm’s litigation group has experience in a variety of governmental and election law disputes.