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Neil Reiff Quoted in National Law Journal

Founding Partner Neil Reiff was quoted today in an article in the National Law Journal about what lies ahead for the IRS as it deals with the fallout from targeting Tea Party affiliated groups. The IRS is facing a heavy backlash after reports surfaced that they selectively targeted conservative groups applying for 501(c)4 tax-exempt status. With Congressional oversight likely to ramp up in the coming weeks, questions are emerging about how the IRS will deal with political organizations that register for tax exempt status going forward. Mr. Reiff told the National Law Journal that IRS oversight of such groups’ activity might be curtailed: “I think it’s a huge deal. Has the IRS been wounded to the point they have to pull back?” And since reports indicate that conservative groups were the main focus of the IRS’ targeting, Mr. Reiff warned that with Republicans “howling fairness,” liberal groups “could be girding for backlash and added scrutiny.”

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