Rosenstein Quoted in The Washington Post

Partner Josh Rosenstein was quoted in an article in about the DOJ’s indictment of Gal Luft, which reveals possible Chinese influence in the 2016 Trump campaign.  Rosenstein commented on the FARA implications of this indictment.

“Joshua Ian Rosenstein, a lawyer who works on Foreign Agent Registration Act issues, said that neither CC-1 nor Individual-1 faces as much legal exposure as Luft but that CC-1 faces more than Individual-1. It is possible that Individual-1 was not aware that the consulting work that he was doing for the think tank was ultimately being done at the direction, control or request of the Chinese entity,” Rosenstein said. “Because FARA requires proof of willfulness in order to sustain a criminal charge, from the standpoint of Individual-1, if it’s true that he was not aware of the upstream relationship with China, that’s a valid defense. I think that’s not the same for CC-1.”

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