Senior Associate David Mitrani Comments on the Importance of Campaign Finance Laws

There’s a growing concern that candidates and individual campaign staffers are more likely to play fast and and loose with election laws given recent comments from President Trump. As the President continues to espouse a strategy of accepting foreign help for his campaign, campaign attorneys are concerned about the trickle-down cultural impact his statements could have on candidates operating far below the presidential level.

“While every candidate should have counsel to advise on campaign finance issues, the reality is that most do not – and primarily rely on either public documents or what they see in the news as the means of determining what the ‘law’ is,” David Mitrani, a senior associate at the DC firm Sandler Reiff Lamb Rosenstein & Birkenstock, P.C., told C&E. “President Trump’s comments only serve to worsen the ‘if they’re getting away with it, why can’t I?’ mentality that we see amongst less seasoned campaign operatives, and muddies the waters as to what actually are the legal requirements for candidates and their campaigns.”

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