Rosenstein Mentioned in POLITICO Influence

Partner Josh Rosenstein was mentioned in Politico Influence regarding Twitter’s announcement that it would begin adding labels to and reducing the visibility of tweets containing content from Russian affiliated media outlets like RT and Sputnik,  both of which have been ordered by the Justice Department to register under FARA. The announcement led to a discussion on Twitter among FARA practitioners, who pointed out that the labels could act as a template for the Justice Department as it decides upon expanding FARA’s “conspicuous statement” disclosure requirements.

David Laufman, a partner at Wiggin and Dana who co-authored an American Bar Association report last year laying out how to fix the Nazi-era statute, and Sandler Reiff Lamb Rosenstein & Birkenstock’s Josh Rosenstein, who also praised Twitter’s announcement in light of the forthcoming FARA updates, quibbled over whether DOJ requirements should disclose the foreign principal in question as well as the foreign agent distributing content. “Ideally both, but in this case I’d settle for the principal,” Laufman responded.

You can read the twitter thread here.