1. Reiff Discusses Ramifications of Citizens United vs. FEC

    Neil Reiff was quoted in a Roll Call article about the potential consequences of The Supreme Court deciding to re-hear the Citizens United Case.  According to Roll Call, “The Citizens United case is expected to test a nearly 20-year-old Supreme Court …

  2. BNA Money & Politics Report: Reiff, Sandler Speak Before the FEC About Audit Procedure

    Neil Reiff and Joseph Sandler spoke before the Federal Election Commission in its first-ever hearing under a new procedure that allows regulated political committees audited by the FEC to challenge staff audit findings before the FEC commissioners vote on whether to …

  3. Joe Sandler Discusses Citizens United v. FEC on ‘Federal News Tonight’

    Joe Sandler appeared live on Federal News Tonight on News Channel 8 to discuss Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission.  You can watch him discuss the history of the case and the consequences of the Supreme Court’s potential ruling here.

  4. Young Portrayed in HBO Film About 2000 Election

     John Hardin Young, who led the recount effort for the Gore campaign in 2000, is played by Steve DuMouchel in HBO’s feature film Recount, which debuted on May 25, 2008. ABC News Senior National Correspondent Jake Tapper comments on Young’s …

  5. “One in a Million:” Reiff On the Millionaires’ Amendment

    Neil Reiff of Sandler, Reiff & Young said the “Millionaires’ Amendment” decision leaves a handful of questions unanswered for House and Senate candidates.  By Matthew Murray, Roll Call, June 30, 2008.  Full Text here.

  6. Associate Elizabeth Getman files brief before the U.S. Supreme Court

    Associate Elizabeth Getman filed a brief in Jack Davis v. Federal Election Commission, a case before the U.S. Supreme Court. The appeal challenges the constitutionality of Section 319 of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002. The provision, known as “the …

  7. “Republicans Want CNN, MSNBC to Pull New Anti-McCain Ad.”

    TV Week (4/28/08) quotes Joseph Sandler on a dispute over an advertisement funded by the Democratic National Committee.  Full story here.

  8. “Big Day Looms for a Rookie:” Getman Profiled in Roll Call

    This article highlights the career of associate Elizabeth Getman of Sandler, Reiff & Young. The 27-year-old election lawyer assisted  the successful Supreme Court case challenging the “Millionaires’Amendment” of campaign finance law, Davis v. Federal Election Commission.  By Matthew Murray, Roll …

  9. “Florida Voter Lawsuit Gets Hearing in Atlanta”

    In a closely watched case before the 11th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals, Joseph Sandler defends the Democratic National Committee’s decision on Florida’s delegates to the party’s national convention. Atlanta Journal Constitution, 3/18/08. 

  10. “Democrat Sues FEC over McCain Finances.”

    NPR’s Peter Overby talks to Joseph Sandler in report on a DNC suit against the FEC. Morning Edition, 4/15/08.  Read and Listen here.