Joshua Rosenstein Discusses Jeb Bush’s Lobbying Reform Plan with Mother Jones

Joshua Rosenstein was quoted in a Mother Jones article regarding Jeb Bush’s lobbying reform plan that would impose a six-year ban on lawmakers becoming lobbyists:

“You have countless cases of very high-profile former members who may well be in contact with their former colleagues, but don’t meet the threshold and therefore aren’t subject to the restrictions,” says Joshua Rosenstein, an attorney with Sandler Reiff who advises clients on compliance with lobbying regulations. “You can already sit on the sidelines and advise clients on congressional policy or the reality of moving a bill through either chamber without ever running afoul of anything.”

Rosenstein said that without tightening up the definition of “lobbying,” prohibiting members from doing it doesn’t mean a whole lot.

“The law defines lobbying and if the definition is too permissive having restrictions on lobbyists doesn’t really matter because there are so many holes you can drive a truck through,” he says.

The entire article can be read here.