Josh Rosenstein Quoted on House Rules in The Hill

On January 13, 2015, Josh Rosenstein was quoted in The Hill, regarding a change to House of Representatives rules on what witnesses must disclose before they testify on House panels:

“Conceivably, it’s filling what some people see as a gap in FARA’s registration requirements,” said Joshua Rosenstein, a partner at Sandler, Reiff, Lamb, Rosenstein & Birkenstock.

. . .“Disclosure in the context of advocacy is a good thing. This [rule] addresses some of the areas where there’s been under-disclosure,” Rosenstein said. “If the rationale is simply disclosure and seeking to undermine undue influence of foreign interests in U.S. policy, those interests may outweigh any potential chilling effect on speech as a legal matter.”

The entire article may be found here.