Josh Rosenstein Discusses Lobbying Revenue Issues In The Hill

Last week, Josh Rosenstein was quoted in The Hill, in an article discussing lobbying revenue issues.

“A major industry player is hiring a law and lobby firm because of the depth of their bench, said Joshua Ian Rosenstein, a partner at Sandler Reiff Lamb Rosenstein & Birkenstock who specializes in compliance. They want to be able to call upon anyone [in any area of the firm] at any given time — and that costs more.

A high-rolling K Street clientele can be a double-edged sword for firms, Rosenstein said.

It’s always nice to have a marquee client to keep you busy, but having a large percentage of your firm’s revenue come from a single source creates risks for your company, he said.

Lobbying is a personal business, Rosenstein added. Lobby firms want to protect their client base because [the lobbyists] can move across the street.”

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