Josh Rosenstein Comments on FARA Crackdown in Rolling Stone

Due in part to the Mueller investigation, there have been 5 criminal prosecutions under FARA brought in the last 18 months – almost as many as there have been in the last 40 years. And it seems the Justice Department will only continue with its FARA crackdown.

The New York Times reported last week that John Demers, the head of the DOJ’s national security division, said at a recent conference that the department was moving “from treating FARA as an administrative obligation and regulatory obligation to one that is increasingly an enforcement priority.”

Josh Rosenstein, a partner at Sandler Reiff, commented:

“The Attorney General’s announcement confirms what FARA lawyers have been counseling for some time: that FARA would remain a priority long after the Special Counsel is finished with his work, and that DOJ means business. This should serve as a very serious warning to those who flout FARA’s requirements that the department is going to be far more aggressive than it’s been in recent memory.”

You can read the article here.