Joe Sandler Quoted in San Jose Mercury News

SRYL Partner Joe Sandler was quoted in an article published by the San Jose Mercury News on Monday. The article discusses the fight over Proposition 37 on this year’s ballot in California. If it passes, it would require labels on all genetically modified foods sold in the state, making it the first law of its kind in the country.

Although opponents of the measure argue that it would lead to a spike in lawsuits for injunctions to stop mislabeling of processed foods, Mr. Sandler, argues that this is not the case.

“It’s not like Prop 65 [a previous similar ballot measure], where there are all kinds of incentives to bring suits and get big contingency fees,” Mr. Sandler told the Mercury News. If companies correct their labels to indicate that food is genetically modified, lawsuits would be dismissed. And if their suppliers certify products are GMO-free, they’re excused from any case. Mr. Sandler is a legalĀ adviserĀ for Right to Know, a ballot committee supporting Proposition 37.