Joe Sandler Cited as FARA Expert by Politico

Joe Sandler was cited as a FARA expert in a news item in today’ Politico Influence newsletter. The newsletter sought to follow up on a story last week in which actor Steven Seagal was described as the “face of the Russian weapons industry.” Politico Influnece asked Mr. Sandler about Mr. Seagal’s relationship with Russia as it relates to the Foreign Agent Registration Act. Mr. Sandler told Politico “if and when an agreement is reached, and regardless of whether he gets paid or not, to do the work described in the [original] piece would definitely require Mr. Seagal to register under FARA. To try to help move U.S. public opinion to support marketing of weapons on behalf of the Russian government would definitely trigger the need to register.”

Read the original story on Mr. Seagal’s relationship with the Russian weapons industry here.