Jim Lamb Defends Name of SuperPAC

In an article for the Center for Public Integrity, Jim Lamb defended the name of a pro-Hillary Clinton SuperPAC. At issue is whether a SuperPAC that is supportive of, but independent from, a potential Presidential candidate may use part of the candidate’s name in naming their own SuperPAC. Federal law proscribes SuperPACs from using the name of a declared candidate for federal office. For example, the article reports that after Rick Perry entered the 2012 Republican Presidential primary, the FEC mandated that “Americans for Rick Perry” change its name. The SuperPAC did so, rebranding as “Restoring Prosperity Fund.”

Similarly, Ready for Hillary is one of three SuperPACs aimed at supporting former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton should she decide to run for President in 2016, and all three contain Ms. Clinton’s first name. However, as counsel for Ready for Hillary, Jim Lamb told the Center for Public Integrity that “We are aware of this federal regulation. If Hillary decides to run and becomes a candidate, we will continue to be in compliance with this regulation.”

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