David Mitrani Discusses Judicial Campaigns with Politico

On November 12, 2014, David Mitrani discussed campaign finance in judicial campaigns with Politico:

Many state judges across the country who are elected to their positions face special restrictions on their fundraising and campaign spending. Some are even prohibited from soliciting funds for their own campaigns, said David Mitrani, a Democratic campaign-finance lawyer with the firm Sandler Reiff.

Meanwhile, super PACs and independent groups can do whatever they like. “It’s absolutely an uneven system,” Mitrani said.

In a case set to be argued this term, Williams-Yulee v. The Florida Bar, the court will consider the case of a Florida judicial candidate Lanell Williams-Yulee, who was charged with professional misconduct for trying to raise money for her own campaign.

More than three dozen states elect many judicial offices — and more money is likely to flow into that system if the Supreme Court rules in favor of the plaintiff.

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