David Mitrani Discusses FEC Opinion on Bitcoin with The New York Times and Vice News

Last week, David Mitrani discussed the Federal Election Commission’s recent Advisory Opinion on bitcoin contributions with the New York Times, and with Vice News.

The FEC held that a federal campaign or committee may accept bitcoin contributions, if certain safeguards are implemented.

Mitrani told the New York Times, “should a committee really wish to accept Bitcoin, the F.E.C. has actually laid out a clear path to do so.” Mitrani told Vice News:

“. . .that the FEC has laid out a clear path for accepting bitcoin contributions. But he says it won’t be as simple as a PAC saying they want to accept the system. For example, they’ll have to implement a new software program to accept and legitimize the funds.”

The entire text of the New York Times article can be found here, and the entire text of the Vice News article can be found here.

The FEC’s opinion on accepting bitcoin contributions can be found here.