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Josh Rosenstein Discusses Lobbying Disclosure In The Hill

Last week, Josh Rosenstein was quoted in an article discussing the recent unprecedented action of The Office of Congressional Ethics to accuse an entity of lobbying Congress illegally.

“Joshua Ian Rosenstein, a partner at Sandler Reiff Lamb Rosenstein & Birkenstock, said the office must have found significant evidence of wrongdoing in order to make the referral.

Because the [disclosure] law does not require time-sheets or other supporting documentation, one would have to assume that OCE has something pretty substantial to justify them taking the extraordinary step of making a referral.

There are some cases that are clear as day, where registration should be required. But there are other cases that may be more borderline — if you spend 19 percent of your time versus 21 percent of your time.”

To read the entire article in The Hill, click here.